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Aluminum is a vital material due to it’s strong, lightweight and infinitely recyclable properties. It is the product of choice that keeps the world moving. Our lives are touched daily by this versatile metal in ways that are invaluable to us.

Sinometal Resources Inc. has been supplying aluminum billets, extrusions, plate, sheets, and coil, from aluminum & steel components to whole aluminum solutions for major industries since its inception.


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Sinometal Resources Inc. was founded in 2002 as a wholesaler/distributor of aluminum products. Since then, Sinometal Resources has grown and gone global. We have the ability to meet almost any extrusion requirement including fabrication such as punching, bending and twisting. We also can create all products with enhancements such as Bright Dip, custom Powder Paint, Wet Paint and Anodizing up to 40 foot lengths at strategic locations internationally. In 2016, we generated:


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